NetShaman Production's principal, Conrado Hinojosa, has participated in Internet productions since the early days of the Intenet, including producing cutting-edge pioneering webcasts. NetShaman Productions also builds websites for small to medium-sized businesses and provides graphic design services. We colloborate with colleagues and experts for specialized services as needed.

The following are samples of his work in a variety of capacities.
Some websites no longer online are represented by screenshots.

US Commercial Brokage
Logo Designer, Website Developer
Sin Fronteras Realty
Sin Fronteras Realty
Logo Designer, Website Developer

R&D Alpaca Farms
Logo Designer & Website Developer

Michael J Parker Photography Portfolio Website - Designer & Website Developer

Digital Days, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2004
Webcast Producer

Spanish language TV interview about Digital Days 2004 - QuickTime movie 3.8 MB

Shoffner Yacht Charters, LLC.
Website Developer

Clement & Associates, CPA
Logo Designer & Website Developer

Midship Marine, Inc.
Website Developer

Better Information Technology
Logo Designer

Odyssey World Trek Webcast of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Rigoberta Menchu
Executive Producer

Digital Days, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2003
Webcast Producer

Personal website
Designer, photographer, author

Grammy Awards Webcast,
Publishing Producer

UN City Summit Habitat II Webcast - Tomorrow's Cities, The Internet Town Meeting on the UN City Summit, Webcast Producer

Comdex Webcast
Webcast Producer - See Quicktime video of webcast

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